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In compliance with the constitutional and legal depositions that rule the personal data protection in Colombia, LARM COLOMBIA S.A.S., inform that it is responsible for the treatment of your personal data.

LARM COLOMBIA S.A.S. respects its right to privacy. This note reviews the type of treatment for which the data will be submitted and the purpose thereof.
According to our Personal Data Protection Policy, the mechanisms for which we make use these data are safe and confidential, as we have the appropriate technological means to assure they are stored in a way to prevent unwanted access by third parties or agents of dubious origin, in the same order we ensure the confidentiality of the same.

How to contact us:
Written communication addressed to our Customer Service Department, at
Carrera 14 No. 99-33 offices 403, Edificio Torre REM, Bogota Colombia.
Schedule time: Monday to Friday from 6.00 a.m. to 7.00 p.m.
Written request to email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Verbal request to Telephone number (+57 1) 2570488 ext 104, Customer Service process.

Your personal information will be included in a data base and will be used for the following purposes:

1. To create and register clients, suppliers of goods and /or services and any natural or legal person from which information is obtained for such purpose in processes as: Accounting, Human Resources or Operatives; however, the purpose here established will be met whenever a new supplier of goods or services to the areas mentioned before enter or to any other not expressly mentioned.

2. To facilitate the correct execution of purchases and sales from hired services, acquired supplies or products for the execution of our activity.

3. For the delivery of information regarding commercial and administrative policies from the society responsible for the information.

4. To deliver change notifications or improvements in the scheme of development of the company´s corporate purpose, as well as to deliver information on groups, associations, promotional activities and /or brand knowledge, of products, events, news of interest among others.

5. To comply with contractual and/ or legal obligations that LARM Colombia S.A.S., goods and /or service suppliers, natural or legal persons where information is obtained for such purpose, as well as with legal and administrative authorities

6. To transfer to third parties attached to the responsible, the provided information as well as to any affiliate and /or business division or any of the companies that becomes linked or associated.

7. LARM Colombia S.A.S. should comply with all and each of the obligations and in order to exercise its rights that derive from the Commercial Society and in general, from activities of its own corporate purpose.

8. For Security purposes, the request of documents, personal data, pictures and technological equipment reports when entering and exiting from LARM Colombia S.A.S. offices.

9. To process, validate and check its registration and quality of user in the authorization platform for use of personal data.

10. Administration of access passwords to the platform.

To those interested in information, you can read the LARM COLOMBIA Protection Personal Data in english HERE AT PAGE 17 where you can find the above-mentioned policy for the treatment of personal data, as well as the procedures and claiming that will allow you to make effective your rights to the access, read, check, update and deletion of data. In compliance with the constitutional and legal dispositions that rule the protection of personal data in Colombia, LARM COLOMBIA S.A.S. informs you that it is responsible for the treatment of your personal data.

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