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"Thanks for the contact and follow up. Everything is going out well. We found an apartment. The consultant is an excellent professional and a human being with special charming."

"The consultant´s assistance was impeccable, very informative and with great attitude and disposition."

"Thanks so much for the Consultant´s assistance; she was very nice with me and my family members. Her charming and care have been of great support during the initial home search. She has been very aware of my needs and that each property complies with my indications."

"Very efficient, effective and very nice during the assistance."

"I want to confirm that the service resulted to be very successfully with impeccable assistance. The Consultant was very attentive to my needs, acting very effectively. Thanks for everything"

"The advice and support during the home finding and school search for my daughter was very good, the visit’s schedule and planned logistic was adequate. The consultant is a very responsible person who gave me support at all times which I thank very much, she is a well committed person with her work and it looks that she likes it because she does it with great passion. I am left with a pleasant experience."

"Larm´s service has been very well executed and the Consultant’s assistance is excellent, great professional and excellent person."

"Both the consultant and the Relocation Specialist have been very kind and diligent throughout the process: first with the home search and now assuring the final stage. Have kept me posted with important matters and others. Always respond on time. Now we are expecting the lease to be closed, luckily we will end everything soon and well. Thanks for your follow up."

"We are already at home and LARM´s service was impressive above our expectations, very kind team, oriented at giving fast solutions."

"Thanks for all your support in these processes.  – Immigration Services"

"Thanks so much for your message, we are with the consultant who has given great support, besides being very professional, she is very careful of every detail, her attitude and advise to help is exceptional."

"Thanks for your message. We had a marvelous day yesterday. The consultant complied with the whole agenda and supported us during the process. We are happy and satisfied with the service."

"Thanks for your message. We had a marvelous day yesterday. The consultant complied with the whole agenda and supported us during the process. We are happy and satisfied with the service."

"First of all my apologies for my late answer, I am sure you know we are running with million things. We are very pleased with the consultant´s assistance; in fact she was very proactive, despite the situation presented with the international agent who cancelled our visit to properties the afternoon of the previous day affecting our exploratory trip. The damage was not greater thanks to the consultant. We have not made any decision on the properties visited last week since we are still discussing their location. I must take this opportunity to say that the support from the Immigration Specialist has been impeccable from every point of view. Thanks again for your support during this process."

"I must congratulate the work of the Consultant, who always goes beyond her obligations, her support has been great."

"I am very pleased to meet you. Our feedback on the consultant is absolutely excellent, not only her way of being but her knowledge on the market which we loved. She has been able to adapt to our needs finding great places. We would recommend her for other clients."

"Positive answer, thanks so much for the support provided to my relocation in Guayaquil, excellent service. Thanks for the attention."

"My comments regarding the support provided are very positive, the truth is that I am very grateful for the concern, quality of service and attention; it has been verynice to count with the support of those who were always in contact with me and my wife. Taking into account that it was our first sight to the city, all have fulfilled my expectations. Thanks to the Consultant for her support. "

"So far great assistance from the consultant, it has exceeded the expectations of my wife and mine. I had previous international experience, but the professionalism, warmth and knowledge from the Consultant has left me more than satisfied. Today, my wife and I feel more confident and happy for having the support of a group like LARM and the Consultant. No more for now, thanks for all your attention."

"The assistance and expectations were successfully covered by the Consultant.  All properties meet our requirements and budget previously estimated. "

"Thank you very much for your follow up message; would like to highlight the attention and service received by the Consultant in our first appointment for the reconnaissance trip of some areas of  Bogota."

"Great service, very responsible and attentive "

"Thank you very much for the quality of the service, attention and fluent communication."

"Thanks a lot for asking. As a matter of fact everything went very well with the handover, perfect timing of everything, also the rental furniture arrived in time and complete. The consultant really a fantastic support in all matters, big and small! She really exceeds my expectations and indeed I have a lot of points of comparison given several moves in the past."

"Thanks so much for the follow up. Very satisfied with your company and Consultant services, you have been of great help and have tremendously facilitated our moving process. You made the difference and the service was great."

"Exceeded expectations.  Excellent "

"First, I would like to recognize your work, really exceptional!  During our relocation, we have been working with different stakeholders and no one is close to you in all aspects.  Thank you for making this week memorable!   and once again thank you!!"

"After finishing all visits, I can confirm that everything went extremely well. Thanks a lot for this marveless experience.
Nubia was very attentive and helpful. She took me around, organized everything very well, gave me lots of valuable hints and tips. She has very good contacts and introduced me to very nice people.
I am looking forward meeting her again when we finally move to Cartagena.
This was the second time I used your service and both times I am positively surprised. Congratulation for your people, it is very appreciated.
Best regards "

"Last Friday was perfect and met my expectations."

"I want to thank under my family and my own the support provided for this decision that we have taken, we have felt very accompanied and well advised and in some cases exceeding our expectations. Thanks for all offered up to now."

"I am well satisfied with the whole process. You helped me a lot with the short time we had and felt very happy with the apartment we found(beautiful).
The consultant was very special with me and well committed with the process and advised me in all matters related to the relocation. Very passionate with her work. Thanks for all the support."

"Awesome experience. Thanks very much. The Consultant was great."

"Very professional, without problems and fast (Immigration Process)."

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